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Virtual showroom and more: the remote sales campaign

Times when the fashion industry offered only two annual collections are long gone, in addition to the classic appointments for presenting the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, many brands also present the Resort, Cruise, Pre-Fall and Capsule collections. Customers and sales networks around the world can be brought together without requiring frequent travel and this moment of limited mobility can be transformed into new opportunities. Our solutions are accessible anywhere with any computer or mobile device.
Today the sales campaign can be done remotely.

Our platform of indispensable tools for presenting your brand all over the world with new methods for collecting sales campaign orders for which physical presence in the showroom or assistance of an agent is not essential.

Virtual Showroom

The new virtual showroom transforms physical spaces into full-immersion experiences and engaging digital environments. High definition of details and extraordinary freedom of movement transports customers on a fascinating interactive journey that can offer a customized and special experience. Product presentation is enriched by multimedia contents that offer detailed information on each item in the collection. Thanks to the integrated online conferencing tool, it is possible to make an appointment with customers from all over the world and oversee the sales campaign ensuring maximum visibility. Product enhancement is also available by offering remote assistance. Customers will then be able to “browse” the collection independently, or in a guided session, and create a wishlist for sales or restock orders.

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Virtual Fashion Shows

Sfilata virtuale realtà aumentata con Portfolio, software moda

Portfolio now offers the spectacle of the virtual fashion show, combined with the convenience of choosing outfits directly from the catwalk. All items in the collection are displayed by the style’s creation order and a wish list of favorite items can be created directly from the video. Sales orders can be completed at any time by choosing colors, sizes, quantities and will be sent directly to the company. The virtual fashion show is a new tool to help fashion companies face unprecedented difficulties but designed to convey the beauty of the fashion shows and allow optimal viewing of the outfits presented, a feature of Portfolio.

Digital Book

Digital Book con Portfolio software moda

It is a digital catalog that replicates the classic sales photo book used by agents/representatives. It maintains both the format and page numbers on the paper photo book and gives the possibility to click on the images and proceed with the order.


Excel Order con Portfolio software moda

Users can download the collection in an Excel sheet to complete the order in offline mode. The form can be customized with catalog images and the sizes available for each model and it can be printed or emailed to customers to help finalizing the order. The complete order including sizes and quantities per item can be uploaded to Portfolio at a later time.

The use of digital communication tools to reach the public at a distance has accelerated an innovation process that will increasingly lead to the integration of the online with the offline to reach new levels of efficiency and at the same time reduce the environmental impact, a need now indispensable for any company looking towards the future.