PORTFOLIO: not just order acquisition

Sales Force Automation

Allows you to organize sales network activity through automation of all phases of order acquisition from agents, distributors and showrooms. It allows companies to monitor ongoing activities and produce analysis and projection reports to optimize efficiency of sales processes and achieve planned objectives. Sales Force Automation replaces manual activities; orders are acquired directly from the ERP system without having to spend time importing orders and avoiding errors and inefficiencies.

Reorders, exchange orders, ready-to-wear fashion

Stores can manage restocking and exchange orders by checking stock availability or stock up continuously through ready-to-wear.

Outfit suggestions

When making an order, PORTFOLIO offers helpful suggestions for selecting articles according to established relationships to create total look outfits. The proposals for partial or complete outfits stimulate purchasing items and accessories presented which give life to well-defined looks, avoiding random and uncoordinated choices. In addition, the corporate image will also benefit from the possibility of promoting the overall look of the collection (not only a single article), also by setting up storefronts or corners inside the shops.

Appointment calendar management in the showroom

It allows agents to schedule showroom appointments with customers and renders available a series of historical and comparison reports with sales performance quotas. It includes a hospitality service which sends appointment reminder emails, directions, lunch break suggestions and other useful information directly to the customer.


They are used in all online clothing sales sites. Wishlists allow users to group and have an overview of the preferred products and allow products to be canceled or added to the list in the future without having to search again. They also let the user easily mark favorite articles and compare them with similar articles. This way users are encouraged to return to the webpage and their purchasing behavior can be monitored by analyzing items on their wishlist.


Customized reports allow the progress of sales campaigns to be monitored and to analyze the work of agents according to the needs of the company. They give control over activities, stages of progress and forecast developments in relation to different seasons, product lines, geographical areas and other crucial parameters for supporting business decisions.

The strengths of Portfolio

User friendly

it is a simple and intuitive tool that does not require specific training

Image quality

High image quality and ability to upload collection look books and fashion show videos increase the impact of the items presented and help advertise customer’s looks


to use, it facilitates purchasing the collection and promotes a shopping spree experience