Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

PORTFOLIO is a ‘responsive‘ product where each mobile device becomes a means of collecting orders (PC, tablet).

PORTFOLIO encapsulates sales and marketing information into a single platform and has been designed specifically for companies in the fashion industry.

Graphics are fully customizable and can be aligned with the corporate image.

PORTFOLIO is easy to use for all users thanks to a guided order entry system which includes a “full text” search mode.

It guarantees that the displayed data is always up to date as changes established by sales (cancellations, coordinates, price lists, colors, etc.) are immediately available.

It interfaces with main ERPs.


  • Set implementation cost
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to direct integration with ERP
  • State-of-the-art development tools that allow rapid integration with ERP
  • Fast results and not dependent on the ERP product installed
  • Cutting-edge technologies and compatibility with the latest generation mobile devices
  • Use of customer front end development methodologies to ensure high speed and efficiency performance
  • Can be used from a browser and does not require installation on users’ clients
  • Easy integration on all PCs with Chrome and Edge browsers that are less than 5 years old
  • Works with Safari and Apple products from OSX Yosemite (and later versions)
  • Agile development method
  • Cloud product: continuous backups are guaranteed with the possibility of restoring the database to a precise instant for 30 days