Order management

PORTFOLIO is a web based solution which renders automatic all customer order creation activities. PORTFOLIO is designed for fashion manufacturing companies (clothing, footwear, leather goods, eyewear) for all genders (man, woman, kid). It allows companies to to:

  • Streamline and speed up their agent order acquisition system
  • Reduce data entry work related to order entry done by the sales department
  • Provide a simple and efficient system for order transmission
  • Provide customers with a simple and engaging fashion e-commerce system for placing restock orders

Fashion e-commerce

PORTFOLIO implements classic order collection methods in the fashion industry with a straight forward e-commerce software. The result is a product that combines traditional methods of presenting collections with the possibility of using alternative sales tools such as showrooms (with QRCode barcode), outfit proposals and wish lists.

Portfolio increases sales opportunities by offering customers original and innovative ways to buy, through the use of outfit suggestions for total looks and the design of storefronts. It enables customers to experience a unique way of shopping.