NYKY is a company founded in Treviso, Italy in 2008 due to the passion and experience in the fashion field by Michela and Alessandro Biasotto. The ability to enrich raw materials of trusted local artisans allows the company to grow quickly and to create brands for consumers who are detail conscientious and in search of easy to wear fashion.

The brands developed and distributed by the company are:

  • Momonì, women’s collections with a sophisticated look
  • Attic and Barn, a brand designed for women with a creative and contemporary style
  • OOF WEAR, innovative outerwear brand for men and women.

The company’s brands are now distributed in about 700 stores in Italy and 600 abroad and NYKY desires to grow further and become a leader in the accessible luxury industry through the creation of original and glamorous collections.

NYKY is committed to a strategy of strengthening the wholesale network in Italy and abroad with the aim of reaching a network of approximately 2.000 points of sale with the simultaneous presence of the three brands in the next two years.

Hence the need to have a solution to manage the complexity of sales processes in an effective way and to obtain quick access to crucial data to support the sales strategy.

NYKY has chosen PORTFOLIO as the most suitable solution to support the sales expansion project through the technological innovation of the sales processes. All agents and sales staff have been equipped with a simple, quick and efficient tool for collecting orders that allows them to manage the complexity of the sales conditions defined by the company and responds to the need to monitor the evolution of the campaign. sales in relation to the established objectives.

A key point of the project concerned the integration with the ERP management present in the company to ensure proper data exchange and allow the launch of the A / W 2020/2021 sales campaign using PORTFOLIO without transitional phases with the previous software.

Another central requirement for the customer was to be able to use PORTFOLIO as a showcase for the collections with high-impact images dedicated to the restocking campaign. For this purpose, large-format, high-quality images have been included, with a zoom on the range of variants and colors, which help to advertise the style of the brands and encourage the orders of the garments by the points of sale.

NYKY, always careful to effectively convey the brand identity and manage public relations with a proactive approach, has relied on digital innovation to showcase its collections ensuring maximum visibility of the products even during the emergency sanitary period. The virtual showroom has made it possible to do all this even remotely by integrating perfectly with the other corporate communication tools.

All showrooms were transformed into high-definition 3D digital models using Matterport technology and tags were applied to the items on display in which the images of the products were inserted.

Navigating the virtual showroom is simple and intuitive and allows the user to create a wishlist in just a few clicks or to generate a complete order of sizes and quantities, independently or with the assistance of an agent in remote connection, now also in video-conference with sales management.

NYKY has overcome the obstacles of social distancing and created a business opportunity by transforming the management of the sales campaign into a new marketing tool capable of offering the customer a tailored and engaging experience, in compliance with health ordinances but also with new environmental sustainability needs.

Some of our clients who have chosen Portfolio: